To move yourself or to have others move you, that is the question. Whether ‘tis better to have friends come over, enticed by beer and pizza, or to hire professional movers and by a paper check pay them? There are certainly advantages to each type of help, so let’s dig into them a bit more.

Having your friends help can be fun because you get to hang out with your buddies for a few hours. It will also no doubt be cheaper than hiring a professional moving company. Learn more about our moving costs and rates.

So why should you hire a professional?

Well for one, you won’t endanger any friendships because of something that goes awry during the move. The best Nanaimo moving companies have insurance to cover them in the event of damage or loss. You also don’t have to worry about one of your friends getting hurt – and blaming you forever.

Friends can have other things come up and they need to bail on the plan, whereas professional movers will have an appointment to keep, and they will notify you of any changes to the schedule. Professional movers are often a lot faster than your friends will be, because they are used to packing quickly and efficiently. They also will have a bigger truck, so it is likely everything can be done in one trip, instead of multiple trips in your friend’s car. This is especially handy on longer distance moves.

Even if your friends were the fastest on the track team, professional movers will also be able to keep going no matter how long it takes or how hot/cold it is outside. They typically will have additional teams to take over if the job takes a long time and they have additional trucks they can deploy if the first one breaks down along the way.

Stairs and doorways can throw non-professional movers for a loop, but a professional team will be better able to navigate tricky areas. They can also help with just the heavy lifting and loading if you want to save a bit on the truck rental and the packing.

While it might seem like a good idea to call your friends for a hand while moving, often the best route is to call in the pros. It might cost a bit more up front, but it will save you time, and friendships, in the long run.

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