Packing for a big move can either be completed by you as the homeowner or by the professional movers that you have hired. Doing your own packing can be beneficial if you’ll be able to do it for a lesser cost than what the movers have provided in your estimate or even if you just enjoy the task. If you’ve decided you will do your own packing, here are some tips you should know for how to pack for a moving company.

Pack most household items that are smaller than a microwave

If it can fit in a box, you should probably pack it up. A few things that you should not pack are garden tools, stools, step ladders, foldable chairs, and vacuum cleaners. For delicate items, make sure to wrap them in newspaper before placing them in the box.

Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for lighter items

By using this technique, you’ll make the process of transporting your belongings go smoother. Lightweight items include toys, towels, and clothing, and heavier items include books and canned goods. For everything in between, like pots and pans, you can use medium-sized boxes.

Seal each box up and write on it your name and what’s in the box

Use packing tape to keep the box’s contents secure, then use a permanent marker to mark the box with your name, the room to which the contents of the box will go, and a more detailed list of what’s inside.

Use dish packs and mirror cartons for delicate items

Dish packs are boxes that are specially designed to securely hold about 10 full place settings. Before placing items in one of these boxes, make sure to wrap each item individually in paper or bubble wrap. If you have any large mirrors, paintings, or similar items, wrap each up in padded paper and then put each in a mirror carton for full protection.

If packing is something you don’t want to do before your move, please contact us for more information for how we can help.