Moving with pets is one thing. Moving with children might not be as easy. Children are not always very adaptable so the changes that come when moving need special handling. Your attitude towards the move can greatly influence how well your child copes with the prospect of a new routine. By focusing on the positive aspects even if you’re sad about the move can ease any apprehension they might be experiencing.

Prepare them well in advance by talking about the move as soon as you know yourself. Explain why you’re moving and tailor the reasons depending on your child’s age and understanding. Be ready to answer any questions they might have to ease any anxiety they might have, children thrive on routine, having things the same.

Get them involved in the move by including them in selecting and packing their favourite toys or stuffies. Talking about the new neighbourhood, schools or even planning how their new bedroom will be decorated will help them see the good things about this move. Sunrise Moving and Storage is experienced moving families and can give you the extra time to help your kids with the transition. Remember it can be difficult for children especially if they are leaving the only home they’ve ever known.

Some Take Along Suggestion On Moving Day

For Babies

  • Suitable clothing
  • Diaper or utility bag
  • Blankets
  • Disposable diapers
  • Nursers with plastic throw away liners, nipples and pacifier
  • Baby food, formula, fruit juice, water and cap opener
  • Favorite cuddle toy
  • Safety approved infant car seat
  • First aid kit ( include any current medications you should have on hand ) include a thermometer, baby pain reliever, and a small hot water bottle which can act as an ice bag

For Toddlers

  • Collapsible stroller
  • Child portable car toilet
  • Safety approved car seat
  • Favorite toy

While some of these suggestions might seem obvious it can be easy to forget things on moving day so hopefully you found this article helpful.

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