Knowing how to pack properly before you move is important. The way you pack your china and glassware will depend on whether it is a local or long distance move. You always want to take extra care in either case when moving these fragile and often precious items. When packing for a long distance move it’s highly recommended to use a dish pack made especially for this purpose. These extra sturdy, corrugated cartons of double walled construction are perfect for packing china and other breakables. We provide many different types of boxes for your more so you can protect your china and glassware. 

Wrap all pieces of china and glassware individually in clean paper. Start by wrapping diagonally tucking the overlapping edges as you continue to wrap. You can never use too much wrapping or padding when it comes to protecting these breakable items.

Flat China and Glassware

Line the bottom of the carton or box you’re using with double layers of newspaper which is readily available. Place plates and large platters on the bottom once you’ve wrapped them individually. Continue layering with smaller plates and any smaller dishes, then form layers of securely wrapped glassware. Crumple newspaper and fill any spaces with it to provide extra cushioning leaving no gaps.

Bowls and Odd Shaped Dishware

These items can be used to form bottom or middle layers depending on their weight. Use the same method as you used to wrap plates, shallow bowls can be put on edge and placed on the sides of the carton. Sets of mixing bowls can be packed inside one another with layers of paper in between then turned upside down. Wrap sugar bowl lids in tissue place upside down and wrap with the bowl, then use as a middle or top layer. For cups use extra padding for handles, pack with all handles facing the same direction and placed upside down.

Contact our movers for help with packing and moving.