One thing to keep in mind when preparing for a move is everything in your house is not packed in the same manner. Blankets, towels or mattresses are going to need different treatment than furniture or electronics. It’s a time when you begin to realize the huge number of items you actually own. Ranging in size from a fridge right down to a cheese grater, each with a specific way to be handled. Here are some tips for packing your soft goods for the move.

Linens And Blankets

Special care should be taken when packing natural linens or they could be ruined by moisture, mold or insects. Folding them before packing away in large plastic bags then placed in a box lined with clean paper will ensure they arrive fresh and ready to use. For mattresses there are moving cartons available from moving companies like ours or you can purchase plastic covers. Once all linens and clothing is stored away pillows can be placed in any empty dresser drawers. Blankets and towels can be used for extra padding or sealed in airtight plastic storage bags.

Draperies And Curtains

Wardrobe boxes make excellent containers for transporting your curtains and draperies. By folding lengthwise and placing on a padded hanger secured with pins they will arrive wrinkle free and ready to rehang in your new place. Otherwise iron, fold and pack away in plastic bags then maybe find a flat spot to pack them for the move.


You definitely don’t want to move dirty or dusty rugs so vacuum and clean them prior to the move. If you have any large area rugs roll them before you cover in plastic for transit. Any rugs you sent out for cleaning can be left wrapped ready to move.

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