We’ve already blogged on ways to keep your pictures and electronics protected during a move.

The prospect of moving to a new home feels like a fresh, new start and one we look forward to. There’s nothing worse than finding a precious piece of furniture soiled, ripped or the wood gouged upon arrival. We’ve all experienced those moves with the broken mirror, parts or missing screws when the time comes to reassemble the furniture. Safely moving your furniture so it arrives undamaged is possible with a few precautions, additional supplies and tricks. With these tips your items will get there intact whether you’re moving into a new home or placing them in storage.

Supplies To Gather

While you may think cardboard boxes, tape and moving blankets are enough to protect your things it’s time to think outside the box. Investing in some of the supplies readily available will ensure everything goes smoothly. So list in hand, you can easily purchase the following items at your local hardware store:

  •      Packing tape
  •      Bubble wrap
  •      Sofa and mattress covers
  •      Plastic and stretch wrap
  •      Sealable plastic bags
  •      Corrugated cardboard sheets

Before You Pack

By thoroughly cleaning and dusting furniture first you can be sure there is no debris to scratch hard surfaces. As a bonus you won’t have to clean everything upon your arrival leaving more time to get settled.

Dismantle Furniture

Remove legs from tables and couches, take bed frames apart and place screws and hardware in resealable plastic bags and tape to furniture. This makes furniture easier to move, pack in the truck as well as preventing damage to walls and door frames.

Wrap It Up

Bubble wrap your delicate wood pieces and use plastic wrap or covers to protect upholstered furniture and mattresses. Placing the cardboard sheets between wooden pieces will prevent scratches.

Of course there is always the option is to leave it to professional movers like us here at Sunrise Moving and Storage.