1. Should You Hire Professional Movers Or Ask Friends?

    To move yourself or to have others move you, that is the question. Whether ‘tis better to have friends come over, enticed by beer and pizza, or to hire professional movers and by a paper check pay them? There are certainly advantages to each type of help, so let’s dig into them a bit more. Having your friends help can be fun because you get to hang out with your buddies for a few hours. It wil…Read More

  2. How To Choose A Nanaimo Moving Company?

    You’ve read our blog post on reasons to hire a professional Nanaimo moving company, but now you need to know how to choose the right one. There are some key questions you will want to get answers to, and there is a great source for Canadians we’ll take a look at as well. Get Quotes First, take no fewer than three quotes from the movers, and be sure to get them in writing. Any company not will…Read More

  3. Why Move Your Family To Nanaimo BC?

    If you are looking at places to move to in British Columbia, Canada, consider the city of Nanaimo. The entire city is stretched along the coastline on the east side of the southern end of Vancouver Island, home to a harbour in the centre. Nanaimo BC Activities Thanks to its proximity to the water, there are plenty of outdoor activities that will be sure to lure your family outdoors to enjoy things…Read More

  4. 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Nanaimo Moving Company

    Packing up and moving to a new home can be physically and emotionally difficult. It may seem like more of a hassle to hire a professional moving company in Nanaimo to help you out than to do the work yourself. But if you get the right professional movers, you’ll find many benefits for hiring some help. Here are 5 reasons why you should hire professional movers. #1: They know how to pack If you…Read More

  5. Nanaimo Moving Costs and Rates

    The costs for hiring professional movers for your local or long-distance move will depend on a few factors. Here’s what you need to know about our Nanaimo moving company costs. Some charges can be based on weight or a flat rate For a long-distance move in particular, the moving company you hire might charge you based on the weight of your possessions or they might provide you with a flat rate. I…Read More

  6. Best Moving Companies In Nanaimo

    Moving to a new place is a big task, and if you’re going to hire professionals to help you out with the job, you would be best off picking a company that has a good reputation in the region and plenty of experience. So who are the best Nanaimo moving companies? Sunrise Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company that is committed to providing all customers with everything they need for t…Read More

  7. Our Nanaimo Moving Company Offers Senior Relocation Services

    Many seniors decide that they are ready to take advantage of the opportunities that downsizing their home and moving into a retirement or assisted living community can bring to them. However, when they think about the work involved in making that transition, it may overwhelm them and cause them to rethink their plans. If you are a senior who is ready to make the transition to a different lifestyle…Read More