1. Moving With Kids

    Moving with pets is one thing. Moving with children might not be as easy. Children are not always very adaptable so the changes that come when moving need special handling. Your attitude towards the move can greatly influence how well your child copes with the prospect of a new routine. By focusing on the positive aspects even if you’re sad about the move can ease any apprehension they might be …Read More

  2. How To Pack China And Glassware

    Knowing how to pack properly before you move is important. The way you pack your china and glassware will depend on whether it is a local or long distance move. You always want to take extra care in either case when moving these fragile and often precious items. When packing for a long distance move it’s highly recommended to use a dish pack made especially for this purpose. These extra sturdy, …Read More

  3. How To Pack Soft Goods When Moving

    One thing to keep in mind when preparing for a move is everything in your house is not packed in the same manner. Blankets, towels or mattresses are going to need different treatment than furniture or electronics. It’s a time when you begin to realize the huge number of items you actually own. Ranging in size from a fridge right down to a cheese grater, each with a specific way to be handled. He…Read More

  4. How To Protect Furniture During A Move

    We've already blogged on ways to keep your pictures and electronics protected during a move. The prospect of moving to a new home feels like a fresh, new start and one we look forward to. There’s nothing worse than finding a precious piece of furniture soiled, ripped or the wood gouged upon arrival. We’ve all experienced those moves with the broken mirror, parts or missing screws when the time…Read More

  5. 6 Tips to Make Your Move Easier

    Do you need to move soon? Are you feeling the stress? Here are six tips that will make your move a lot easier. Pack your items you plan to take personally first This one cannot be overstated. ALWAYS pack the items you intend to take with you in your personal vehicle first. Things like important paperwork, jewelry, clothes for travel, and toiletries should be included. You will also want to pack it…Read More

  6. How To Pack Properly

    If you are about to move, it may have suddenly dawned on you - you have a lot of stuff. Naturally enough, you will intend to take that stuff with you which begs the question, how can I properly pack my boxes to maximize the space? Use Your Clothes, Blankets & Sheets There are certainly some tips of the trade that your local moving company or any military family can tell you. One big one is tha…Read More

  7. Where to Send Mail When You’re Moving

    Last week's blog post was about what the most important items you need for your first night after the move. Today's post is another important one when it comes to just before you move. Make sure you plan ahead and take care of this before you move! Moving but need your mail? Where should it go? These are questions that have plagued movers for years and can cause you an undue amount of stress, but …Read More

  8. What to Pack for the First Night in Your New Place?

    It is not surprising that with the stress of all the packing and unpacking, the excitement of the move to a new place, and the process of getting settled into a new location that people often forget that there is the transition period in which you have your new place but you don’t have all your stuff. So what will you need for your first night at your new home? Read this post and find out. Cloth…Read More

  9. 6 Tips For Moving With Pets

    Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience for people, and it has it’s share of stressful moments too. Pet owners should be aware that all the unexpected activity or entering a totally new environment can feel stressful for their pet as well. The following are some ways to make the transition less stressful for your pet during your move. Prepare an easily accessible bag, fill a bag with …Read More

  10. 7 Places To Get Free Moving Boxes

    Moving day, the thought of the work that lies ahead is something none of us looks forward to, and yet it’s like a fresh start. At the top of the list of items to collect are boxes, free boxes, you will be needling lots of them in various sizes. Here are some places to begin scouring for free ones of course. Craigslist Head to Craigslist Nanaimo and search under the free stuff can uncover several…Read More