Our corporate relocation services move large companies and small businesses alike.

Our highly skilled professionals can manage every detail of your corporate relocation or small business move. You can trust Sunrise Moving & Storage to transport your entire office with the care and efficiency you would expect from an experienced moving company. There is definitely something to be said for the old adage, “The first three rules of business are location, location, location.” The needs of a business and the demands of an industry can change very quickly. It is not unusual for business owners to find that they are no longer doing business in the area that best fits their company’s needs. If you need to move your business, call Sunrise Moving & Storage.

We offer:

  • Competitive rates that we can shape to fit your commercial moving needs;
  • Experienced commercial movers who take great pride in their ability relocate a business and get it set up again;
  • A professional staff that has the experience needed to help you get services set up so your new location is ready for your business and your old location is ready for its new occupant.
  • Safe & secure transport of office equipment & supplies

You can rest assured that our commercial moving services will leave you will a smile on your face. Most business owners think of their business like a family, and as we are family owned and operated we know the importance of that bond. That’s why we treat your business equipment and furniture with the utmost care. For those unexpected or unseen damages, we will have you covered with our comprehensive insurance policy. We also offer convenient storage options for our clients if they need a secure place to keep their office furniture and equipment between moves. When you are ready to take your items out of storage, our professional crews will have your items loaded and delivered at your convenience. Once we have completed your move, we don’t stop there. Our team makes sure that your space is set up exactly how you want it so that there is no heavy hauling for you to do later.

If you are downsizing your business and don’t have room for all your equipment in your new space, take a look at our organization or storage services. If you are looking to keep the equipment, we can store it in a secure and affordable space for you. If you have no further need for the unwanted items, our organization team can help you sell or donate your things to local citizens and charities. Downsizing an office can be just as much work as moving into a larger space, so make sure our team is there to help.

You may know that it will soon be time to move your business, but it is a large task to take on alone. If you are a business owner looking to plan a move, but don’t know where to start, contact us at Sunrise Moving and Storage to get a free estimate and some information on what we can do for you. Moving your small or large business doesn’t have to cost you lots of money and time!  

Safety, Efficiency & Value

Whatever your moving and shipping needs are, our specialists will help you determine which moving systems should be employed in order to ensure safety, efficiency and value. Sunrise Moving & Storage’s years of experience in providing origin and destination services makes us the best choice for your international move. Give us a call or send an email to schedule a free estimate at your home or business.