Coast to Coast Moving
Sunrise Moving and Storage serves Canada coast to coast and people moving to or from the United States. We specialize in moves to and from Alberta and BC. We are the Canadian company to call for everything from residential moves to a corporate relocation.dreamstime_xxl_16738113 (1)
For long distance moves, we charge a flat rate with all costs included rather than by weight which our competitors do. This way you know what you are being charged rather than have surprise charges when your furniture arrives which often happens when done by weight.

We go straight there as opposed to dropping off other loads along the way. So instead of taking a week to get there you will have your furniture the same time you arrive to your new home. Plus, our cleaning services make all the difference for interstate moving as they really make it easy for you to get going on your new place. We can clean your new place before you arrive and make your old home sparkle for its new tenants.

Most moving companies charge by the weight of your items for long distance moving services. At Sunrise Moving, we charge an all-costs-included flat rate which can save you a lot of money (especially if you have a lot of stuff!). With our pricing system you will know the charges up front, instead of receiving surprise charges after the move. You can even visit our fast and accurate free estimate form to get a quote right now. Unfortunately many people who use companies that charge by weight fall into the trap of surprise costs, but that will never happen with us.

Another benefit of our long distance moving service is that we take one direct trip with your items and don’t try to move multiple customer’s things at the same time. Some companies will take two or more people’s furniture on one trip and have to make stops along the way, which can be very frustrating for you if your new home is the last stop. Depending on how far the move is, it can take a week or more for your items to arrive this way. When you move with us, your furniture will arrive at your home or business at the same time you do, saving you time and stress and allowing you to get settled right away in your new house or corporate location.

If you are worried about keeping your furniture and items safe during a long distance move, we have got you covered. At Sunrise Moving, we use quality packing supplies and equipment to make sure your items stay secure, and we also offer insurance in case of unexpected damages. You can breathe easy knowing that your items and furniture are safe and insured on their trip to your new location.

Contact us today to schedule your long distance move with us, the best long distance moving company. If you want to know costs before scheduling a date, check out our easy free estimate form to get a reliable quote for your move. If this still hasn’t convinced you, take a look at our client testimonials page to see what kind of experience others have had with us, an experience that you can have too.    

Contact us to schedule your residential or commercial move with our moving company. You can also fill out this quick and easy free estimate form to get a reliable moving quote. Be sure to check out our glowing testimonials from our clients.