Few things feel as exciting as the newness of a move, and yet the actual work involved in packing all our belongings is another story. We are a country on the move, it might be your first home, the need for a  larger home for your growing family or moving for a job opportunity in a different city. The key is to reduce the stress of your move as much as possible, listed below are 5 helpful ideas.

Assemble Supplies

As soon as the papers are signed start accumulating boxes, ask coworkers, friends and family that may have some boxes from a recent move of their own. Enquire at grocery or retail stores, if all else fails packing boxes can be purchased from moving companies or home improvement stores. Purchase lots of packing tape and some Sharpies for labeling boxes.


A good way to lessen your packing is to rid yourself of those underused and unwanted items, look at this as an opportunity to declutter. List larger items online on sites like UsedNanaimo, Kijiji Nanaimo or Craigslist Nanaimo. Consider holding a garage sale or you may consider donating clothing or household items to a local charity.

Clear Your Calendar

Schedule time to focus on packing, ask for extra time off work, if you have small children enlist the help of family or friends to watch them, have a weekend spent just packing.


Develop a plan of action, being organized is a surefire way to reduce your stress and not be overwhelmed. First pack away any items you won’t need until after you’re settled, clothing from another season, tools or outdoor items. Pack room by room, label the contents of each box and which room it came from, the boxes can then be placed where they belong and ready to be unpacked in your new home.

Create Ample Time and Deadlines

If possible arrange to have your moving out day and time overlap with when you take possession of your new residence. Create mini deadlines for yourself, to pack a room each day or to spend two hours a day unpacking once you’re all moved. Some planning ahead will make your move smooth and almost stress free.

If you are in the process of planning a move, contact our moving company today for a free quote.