You have a lot to sort through as you prepare for a move. This can cause a lot of chaos and stress in your regular living situation, but there is at least one step you can take to lessen the amount of disruption that residential moving can take on your home: you can take advantage of your garage.

Declutter your garage to reduce how much you will have to move

Many people use their garage as a space to store things that they might one day need. Whether you have useful small appliances in your garage that you could sell at a yard sale or give away, or you have half-broken toys that you could not bare to part with many years ago, you will find that your garage contains some items that you could get rid of before the move.

Not only will this save you and your Nanaimo movers some time when it comes to the big day, it will also save you some space now.

Cleared space in your garage can be used as storage

Once you have unneeded items out of your garage, you will have newly found space to store the things that you will bring with you to your new home. Imagine how freeing it could be to have full boxes out of your home, so you will not have to see or think about them as you deal with everything else that comes along with moving. You could even move your car out to the driveway to really maximize your space.

An organized garage will make the time leading up to the move feel more relaxed

Don’t just dump everything that is packed and ready to go in your garage wherever it will fit. A good idea is to make a plan for where you will place everything, as you will inevitably need to use some things in your garage before you move.

This entails a need to label each of your boxes clearly and place everything that is related to each other in the same area. You should also maintain a clear pathway to get around the space.

As one of the best moving companies, we can help with the decluttering process, too–contact us to learn more.