Summer may be a ways away here in Nanaimo, but it is not too early to start thinking about decluttering your home by organizing a yard sale. You probably have a few items already that you would like to try to make some extra cash off of, which is only the first step in planning a profitable sale. Thinking ahead in the following ways can prevent a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Put something away every day

If you are in the process of decluttering, whether for a senior relocation move to a smaller home or for another reason, you can help yourself out by committing to put away at least one thing each day until you plan to hold your yard sale. It is too easy to come close to the day and find that you still have a lot of sorting to do.

If deciding what you don’t need is your biggest challenge, we have organization services and throughout Vancouver Island to help you out.

Attend other yard sales to see the competition

If you feel clueless about how to price your items or what will work for the organization of the yard, start visiting others’ sales to get an idea of what your customers might expect of you. You do not want to end up underselling your items, and doing a bit of sleuth work can prevent this.

Get the word out

Signs on the telephone poles near your home can garner the attention of people who happen to be passing by, but you could be missing out on a large customer base if you only use this form of advertisement. Websites such as Craigslist Nanaimo allow you to post about your sale a few days ahead of time, and community boards at grocery stores and recreation centres attract a varied crowd, too.

Make your sale fun to browse through

Organize your items by type a week or so ahead of time, and figure out a way to keep most things off of the ground. If you are selling electronics, bring out an extension cord so customers can test them out.

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