If you are about to move, it may have suddenly dawned on you – you have a lot of stuff. Naturally enough, you will intend to take that stuff with you which begs the question, how can I properly pack my boxes to maximize the space?

Use Your Clothes, Blankets & Sheets

There are certainly some tips of the trade that your local moving company or any military family can tell you. One big one is that clothes, blankets, sheets, and towels make great packing material. There are so many people who put all their clothes in boxes then spend money on packing paper or bubble wrap. This, however, is not only environmentally wasteful it can also be expensive. Wrapping your fragile or breakable items in a heavy winter jacket and a few shirts will keep it just as safe and you have the double benefit of not having to use a whole separate box for your clothes. As you unpack your valuables, you will also slowly reclaim your wardrobe.

Another thing clothes can be used for beyond wrapping is to fill in the gaps. If your box has a lamp in it, then it may be ill-suited for your DVD collection or books, but putting clothes or bedding in empty spaces is a great way to stabilize any items inside and it means fewer boxes to pack.

Label Boxes

The other big tip is two-fold – pack items not by type but by room as much as possible and mark on the box where it came from. It may seem normal to put all papers or books together but you will always run the risk of your important papers ending up in a child’s colouring book. So pack by room – this also means that when you get to your new place you can just look at the box, see ‘master bedroom’ and know those are your things and what room they go to.

Follow these tips and you will save time and money, and have greater peace of mind for your move. Contact us today if you would prefer to have a professional moving company pack and move your items for you.