At Sunrise Moving & Storage, we know that moving can be an uneasy time for anyone. Your lives are being uplifted and everything that you were accustomed to and that was part of your routine is now changed and brand new to you. When moving there are steps that you can take so that you can make your new house feel like home again.

Start with the closet

Most people start by unpacking the common areas like the kitchen or family rooms. Instead start with the closet right when you move in. The closet is usually the first place that you start your day so you may as well make it just like it was in your previous house. It’s hard enough waking up on Monday morning and it’s even harder when you are trying to find your favourite piece of clothing.

Recreate familiar sounds and sights

If you have familiar pictures or sounds such as clocks put them up right away. This will make it so that it feels just like your old home and nothing has changed. Familiarity helps ease your mind and make the transition smoother.

Mimic your regular routine

Just because you move houses does not mean that your routine should have to change. If you have a space where you regularly drop your keys, bags and coats, get that set up right away. If you can even use the same hooks, bins, and shelves to recreate the space.

Don’t order out

If you can, set up the kitchen right away or as soon as possible. A homemade meal means that you are at home. Even if it is something simple and you eat it on the floor a homemade meal will make it feel as if nothing has changed except for the sizes of rooms.

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