During any move, you will likely not be able to or even want to bring all of your belongings with you to your new home. Holding a moving sale can be a great way to declutter and earn some spending money. To make sure your sale can be a success, follow these few tips for planning and running a moving sale.

Figure out the ideal prices for your items

Once you know what you want to sell, make an inventory of everything and start researching into pricing. Price something too low and you could end up losing out on making a bit more, but price it too high and potential buyers may shy away from making the purchase.

Ask your bargain-savvy friends and family how much they would pay for certain items at a moving sale, and search the internet for tips on bigger items that have a higher value attached to them.

Check up on municipal regulations regarding yard sales

You may be required to get a permit to hold a yard sale, or there could be noise, time, and other restrictions placed on you. Seek out the office for your municipality to find out what you might need to do.

Put time into making the sale look good

Like any other shopping experience, your potential customers will be influenced by the presentation of the sale. This means that you should clearly label how much each individual item or type of item costs, and everything should be in its best possible state. If some of your items have been sitting in the garage for months or years, dust them off and make sure they still work before you put them on display.

Get some help from friends

Extra hands and eyes can make a difference when you end up with a crowd of customers, some who may have questions or are in a rush. Don’t shy away from asking for your friends’ time in exchange for free lunch and the chance to enjoy your company before your move.

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