It is not surprising that with the stress of all the packing and unpacking, the excitement of the move to a new place, and the process of getting settled into a new location that people often forget that there is the transition period in which you have your new place but you don’t have all your stuff. So what will you need for your first night at your new home? Read this post and find out.


One of the most important is clothes. It may seem self-evident but remember, if you don’t pack enough, or enough of the right kind you will end up having to buy some in an emergency when you already own what you need.


Another big one is sleeping gear. Maybe your bed hasn’t arrived or isn’t assembled yet, but you need to sleep still and unless you want to sleep with just a shirt on then you should make sure you take night clothes and bedding.

Toilet Paper

This is probably the single most important item you 100% must bring and must not forget: toilet paper. Remember this is not a hotel and likely will not come stocked with a complementary roll. It is upon you to ensure you bring some with you to your new place. There are few worse feelings than being stranded and realizing that all the rolls you packed are still being delivered or are packed away in a box. Of course all your toiletries are important as well, like soap, shampoo, and a towel.

Until you get your lamp installed you may want to have a flashlight to navigate your new place as well. Perhaps a good way to envision what you need is to think of it like camping. When you camp you know you need to take anything and everything you may need and you will be set.
These tips will help you after the move. If you haven’t yet moved, let our professional local movers remove all of the stress and physical activity of a move