Last week we gave you some tips on how to protect pictures during a move. This week we are going to instruct you on how to protect electronics during a move.

Electronics are not cheap to say the least. It seems these days it is just as expensive to repair your electronics than it is to buy a new one. Unfortunately it happens to everyone. One misstep, one little slip, one loose padding and the next thing you know you have the second coming of Charlotte’s Web across the screen of your electronic. It is even more stressful while moving. You can try and negate any damage to your electronics using these tips below.

Preparing for a Move

You will want to gather a couple of items in preparation of your move, many of which you can find at a moving or hardware store near you:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Cardboard boxes or original product packaging

All of these items will make sure that your electronics will see the least amount of wear and tear during the move.

Packing Electronic Items

When packaging an item it is imperative that you protect and pack the electronic as tight and protected as possible before you put it in a professional moving companies truck. Check the owner’s manuals of the item to see if there are any special packing or moving instructions. Using packing tape to close one end of the cardboard box and line all boxes with at least three layers of bubble wrap. You will also want to wrap the electronic in at least two layers of bubble wrap to insulate it from impact even more. Make sure to indicate on the box which side should be upward and that the box carrying the item is “Fragile”. This is to make sure that movers do not throw or casually toss around the box and take great care with it, preventing any damage.

Let our professional movers handle your valuable electronics during your next move. Give us a call to make sure that all your valuable get from point A to point B without any problems.