Pictures carry some of our most cherished and prized memories. They are often irreplaceable and priceless in the eyes of the owners. For these pictures you want to frame them in something special, unique, and that looks good. Moving often presents a challenge for the pictures as things can get lost in the shuffle, thrown around, and chipped or scraped.

If you follow this easy to do step-by-step guide to packing pictures and frames you should be able to get through a move without chipping corners or breaking glass.

  1. Choose a box that is bigger than the picture and frame that you are trying to pack.
  2. If the box has already been put together than go ahead and break it apart otherwise keep the box flat.
  3. Tape some masking or packaging tape and tape one end of the box securely.
  4. Take your picture and place it in its frame on an oversized piece of bubble wrap.
  5. Just as if you were wrapping the picture to give it as a present, take the bubble wrap and proceed to wrap the picture the exact same way. Secure the bubble wrap with packaging tape.
  6. Using your flat and tapped box, slide the picture into the opening of that box. Take the open end and seal it with some more packaging tape.
  7. So as that movers know to be careful with your pictures, take a sharpie and mark the box as “Fragile” and put the location where it will be placed in your new house.
  8. You can not guarantee that the picture will not hit or tossed around during the move. When packing the box in the truck make sure to keep the picture on its side and not flat. This is preserve the picture as it will be able to absorb pressure easier on its side or edge rather than when flat.

Let our professional movers handle your valuable pictures during your next move. Give us a call to make sure that all your valuable get from point A to point B without any problems.