Do you need to move soon? Are you feeling the stress? Here are six tips that will make your move a lot easier.

Pack your items you plan to take personally first

This one cannot be overstated. ALWAYS pack the items you intend to take with you in your personal vehicle first. Things like important paperwork, jewelry, clothes for travel, and toiletries should be included. You will also want to pack items for the first night in your new place. By packing the most important items to you and for your trip first you ensure they will not be accidently packed and stored.

Designated area

Of course it is not enough just to pack them but you must also put these important personal items in a designated area or car so they don’t accidentally get put in the big truck. All bags and boxes look the same but by declaring an area off limits to packing or by putting them in your car you again ensure no mishaps with your belongings.

Marking all boxes with their contents

There are few things worse than trying to find that one item you packed but are unsure what box you put it in. This can be mitigated by marking down major items inside the box. A brief summary of the contents, ideally written on more than one side means even if the boxes rotate you know what’s inside.  Also, mark the room it came from.

Getting family to help

No one likely knows you or your personal preferences for how you’d like something done better than family, so close family is ideal at helping you pack and get ready for your move.

Yard sale big items

If you have large, heavy, or bulky items you may want to do yourself a favor and sell them. Yard sales are great for getting rid of everything you don’t want to take and you can make some money, too.

Oversee the moving van pack

Simply put, don’t trust anyone other than yourself to oversee this task. Those are your personal items and your life being loading into the truck and so it behooves you to watch the process and make sure that the items you will want first are loaded last so they will be in the front for the offload.

Give these tips a try and see if you next move is more stress-free. Contact us today if you would like to remove the stress of moving by having our moving company help with your move.