How you pack can play a big part in how efficient your move is in the end. It may seem easiest to pack everything in whatever boxes you have lying around or that are given to you, but this can cause more hassle than you might anticipate.

If you use this method of packing everything in whatever way seems most convenient at the time, you may quickly end up finding it difficult for you or your movers to transport certain boxes. You could even discover that some delicate items such as plates or mirrors have broken once you reach your destination.

In order to prevent these dilemmas, you need to treat your move like tetris, packing everything into the right type and size of box. You can start packing yourself and whichever moving company that you have hired can help you, too. Here are the basics of what you need to know.

Use smaller boxes for heavy items

There are 3 main sizes of industry-standard cardboard moving boxes: 1.5 cubic foot, 3 cubic foot, and 4.5 cubic foot. As cardboard can only carry so much weight, it is typically best to use the smaller boxes for heavier items and the larger ones for lighter items. Not only will this make the boxes easier to carry, it will also help keep the boxes in better shape for longer.

Purchase wardrobe boxes for clothes

Folding clothes is tiresome and its result is also not very efficient. A wardrobe box will allow you to keep about two feet of clothes lying flat during you move–saving you time and space.

Get specialized boxes for delicate items

The last thing you want is for carefully packed dishes to end up broken. Your best bet to prevent this outcome is to either purchase dish or glass boxes or pick up a wine box from a liquor store, to keep glassware safe.

Flatscreen TVs and mirrors require their own specialized boxes, too. These types of boxes will provide a way to protect the glass and keep the corners secured in place.

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