Last week’s blog post was about what the most important items you need for your first night after the move. Today’s post is another important one when it comes to just before you move. Make sure you plan ahead and take care of this before you move!

Moving but need your mail? Where should it go? These are questions that have plagued movers for years and can cause you an undue amount of stress, but fear not, there is an answer! That answer is: it depends.

There are two types of mail issues you may encounter when moving – first, where does it go on the front side of the move while you are working to stop the flow of mail to what will soon not be your address? And second, on the back end of a move, while you may not have a box at your house or may still be looking for a house, where should that mail go? Fortunately the answers to both of these questions are the same.

Assuming you live in an area where you have some friends or family, it is fairly simple to ask a trusted person in your area if they will receive your mail temporarily. This is even better if your friend is your coworker so you can have your mail brought to you at work. Which also leads right into another aspect of where you can send your mail – depending on the kind of work environment or your relationship with your boss, it is often a great idea to have mail temporarily sent to your work or office. This ensures that you will receive it regularly in case you are waiting for any sensitive or time important pieces of mail.

Of course the last and most traditional of all mail destinations is a box. If you are moving or have just moved to an area with no post boxes, then you can get yourself a post office box at the post office itself or a shipping centre. These are often rented or bought for a minor fee and nearly every town in Canada has some so your odds are good of finding one nearby to your new home or place of employment.

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