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Long Distance Moving

When planning a long distance move, most people do not think that a local moving company will be much help on moving day. While they may be able to help with packing, most companies will disappear on the day of the move if you are relocating to somewhere that is just too far. A quality moving company such as Sunrise Moving and Storage won’t leave you to move across the province or country alone, and that’s why we offer long distance moving services that you can trust.

The definition of long distance move is different depending on who you ask, but generally it is considered to be a move of 75-100km (50-100 miles) or more away from your old home or business. When moving this far away there are many things that you need to think about such as new schools, new clients, location of local amenities, new friends, or new staff. So while you’re worrying about all of those things, let us worry about your move.

Sunrise Moving and Storage offers moving services from coast to coast in Canada! We specialize in moves to and from British Columbia and Alberta, but those relocating to or from the United States are also welcome Residents of BC and Alberta know us for our affordable and friendly long distance moving services. If you are planning a move across the country, rest assured that we can make the whole process quick and easy. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner looking to relocate, we accommodate both types of moves and have been trusted by residential and business owners for many years.

Residential Moving

You may think that a local residential move is a piece of cake, but the truth is these moves can still be stressful on you and your family. You may not have even considered hiring a moving company, as you have never used one before. Many people have gone through multiple long, tiring, and stressful moves alone because they consider it to be an easier or cheaper option. Make this next move the one where you have a positive experience instead of a negative one. At Sunrise Moving and Storage, we can help you with every step of your residential move, leaving you happy and stress free in your new home. If you are planning a long distance residential move, check out our Long Distance Moving Services page.

A local move is usually considered anything under 80km (50 miles) from your old home. Whether you are moving to your first new home, changing apartments, or moving into or out of the city limits, our Residential Moving Services are right for you. Any job, large or small, is a job that we will handle with care.

Commercial Moving

It is not uncommon for businesses to outgrow their current location, or for their clients to move away to other places. Cities are rapidly growing, and residents flow in and out often. Business and industry is constantly changing, and we know you want to change your company with it. If you are looking to upsize or just change the scenery, that’s where we come in.

Whether you have a small local business or a large corporation, we can help you with your relocation. With over ten years of experience in commercial moving, we know how to relocate any business. It is important to business owners that a move happens as quickly as possible so they they don’t lose profit, inconvenience their clients, and leave their employees with no work. Our expert moving crews understand this and can quickly and safely have your business up and running again as soon as possible. You will be surprised at how fast we can move your entire office from one location to another. If you are moving your business across the country, no problem! Take a look at our long distance moving services.

We offer:

-Competitive rates that we can shape to fit your commercial moving needs. Not every company specializes in moving commercial spaces, but we do and we pride ourselves in being the best. Call us to get a free estimate today!

-Experienced commercial movers who take great pride in their ability relocate a business and get it set up again. Don’t believe us? Check out our customer testimonials!

-A professional staff that has the experience needed to help you get services set up so your new location is ready for your business and your old location is ready for its new occupant. Our services include cleaning and packing/unpacking so that the minute we leave you can be back up and running.

-Safe and secure transport of office equipment and supplies, so that you don’t have to worry about anything being damaged on the journey. We have all the right equipment to protect your items during the move to keep everything in the shape we found it in.

Storage Services

Sometimes moving dates just don’t line up. You have sold your old house or business and the new owner is ready to move in, but your new space isn’t quite ready for you to move into. So what do you do? Contact us about our storage services. If you have just moved across the country with everything you own, we won’t leave you with nowhere to go. Whether this will be for a short or long term, we can store your furniture and belongings in our clean, heated, and private warehouse facilities. Let us find the right space for you.

Security is our number one priority when it comes to storing your belongings and furniture. At Sunrise Moving and Storage, we have spacious storage areas with 24 hour monitoring systems, state of the art security technology, and fire alarms. We have a warehouse made for storing both large commercial furniture as well as small residential belongings. Although moving can be stressful, you have one less thing to worry about knowing that your items are safely taken care of at our facility for an affordable price.

Cleaning Services
Moving to a new home or office is exciting, but nothing ruins the excitement like walking into a poorly cleaned room filled with dirt. No one likes to move into a dusty, filthy new home or business space. You may have not considered or allotted time for cleaning during your move with all the other things to worry about, but don’t fret, Sunrise Moving and Storage is here to help. Along with our top quality distance and local moving and storage services, we also offer full professional cleaning services. Both your new and old houses can look fresh and clean after a small time with our crew. This is just another way that we make your move absolutely stress free- our all around services have got every step of your move covered!

With all the packing, relocating, setting up, and contacting lawyers, often people forget about the cleaning process and are disappointed when they walk into their new home and see a dirty space. They then lose countless hours cleaning up when they could be unpacking and enjoying their new home. Our professional cleaning crews can either clean your old home or office space to make it ready for its new owners, or clean your new home or building prior to your arrival. Sometimes new homeowners can uncover surprise messes in their homes which can lead to expensive cleaning fees later, so we will help you avoid those surprises by performing a deep clean that is guaranteed to make your new home sparkle. While your belongings are being moved to your new location, why not let us do a final clean of your old home or office to clear up any dirt or dust that may have collected during the moving process? This way you know you are leaving a spotless space and a very happy buyer.

Packing and Unpacking
When preparing for a move, people spend many weeks packing before they move and many weeks unpacking once they have arrived. Despite all this preparation, many homeowners are left scrambling at the last minute to get everything put into boxes. When it comes to moving day, this last minute panic can leave you exhausted and stressed before the move has even begun. If you are someone that doesn’t realise just how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all away, Sunrise Moving and Storage can help you with our professional packing and unpacking services.

Whether you are moving your home or business locally or far away, we have the know how to help you pack up your entire space and prepare it for your move. If you would prefer to pack all your belongings yourself, no problem! Our experts can help you with packing tips and provide all of the supplies that you will need to safely pack your items. The quality of your packing materials is very important as some of your most prized possessions may be placed in those boxes. We have a wide range of boxes and materials for every need to ensure that you get the perfect supplies for your specific items. We are happy to help recommend the best materials for your move, and the best way to keep your belongings safe.


If you are preparing for an upcoming move, you know how exciting the anticipation can be… until you open your closet and start packing. Most people don’t realise how many belongings they have until they have to pack it all, but at Sunrise Moving and Storage we understand that. That’s why we offer a top quality organization service.

It is so important to be organized during a move to reduce stress and help things run smoothly. Unfortunately, in the moving process there are so many things to think about that sometimes things can get out of hand. Our organization service covers many aspects of the move in order to fulfill your needs and keep you on track for a successful move. Take a look below at how we can help you get organized: