Whether you are moving locally or a long distance, it is a complex network of hassles. If you plan on packing items yourself, Sunrise Moving and Storage can provide you with packing tips and the proper boxes and materials to assist you along the way. 

We have a huge selection of boxes and packing materials to make the job easier for you and properly protect your possessions. Schedule our professional packing services a few days in advance of the move to give you peace of mind, knowing you are all packed and organized.

Efficient and careful packing services

However, if your busy schedule doesn’t leave you time to pack, our well-trained professionals can quickly and easily prepare your home for your move, securing your items and protecting your valuables.

At Sunrise Moving and Storage, we pack your personal belongings as if they were our own. That means our highly trained packing specialists use specially designed boxes and packing materials to ensure your possessions are packed so they will arrive in the same condition they were in before they were packed away.

We provide:

  • Well-trained professionals
  • Careful & meticulous service
  • A large selection of boxes & supplies
  • Helpful packing tips


When you schedule our expert team a few days before your move to help you pack, you can rest assured knowing that all your things will be safely and quickly stowed in time for the big move. We also pride ourselves in our organization- we make sure everything is together and labelled so you aren’t left wondering for weeks where a specific item is. Our team is efficient and knows the best packing styles, so you know you are getting a top quality service.

As a family owned and operated service, we treat you as one of our own and your belongings as if they were ours. Our packing team is well trained to make sure that your items arrive at your new location in the same condition as they left your old one in. When you trust someone else to handle your most prized items, you want to know that they will be handled with the utmost care, and you get that guarantee with us. After your items have been packed and they arrive at your new home or office in one piece, we will take care of the unpacking and get everything put in its proper place. With our team’s help, you won’t have to spend weeks trying to unpacking all of your boxes. You will be set up and ready to settle right at the end of your move.

Our packing service guarantees safety, efficiency and value. We offer competitive rates, and we are one of the only moving companies on Vancouver Island that can offer you a multitude of services to help you with every step of your move. When you start your moving day off with everything organized and ready to go in well packed boxes, it reduces your stress level and makes your day go so much smoother. At the end of your moving day, everything will be easy to reach and in perfect condition after you arrive. With Sunrise Moving and Storage’s affordable prices and friendly service, you don’t have to dread your moving day.

If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you time to pack or you just have too much to do before your move, give us a call at Sunrise Moving and Storage. Our quality packing services will leave your home or business ready to go for your move with all your belongings organized and protected, and leave your new location unpacked and up and running. Get your free estimate today!

Our professional packers and movers offer the finest in safety, efficiency, and value

Whatever your moving and shipping needs are, our specialists will help you determine which moving systems should be employed in order to ensure safety, efficiency and value. Sunrise Moving & Storage’s years of experience in providing origin and destination services make us the best choice for your international move. Give us a call or send an email to schedule a free estimate at your home or business.